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The ink is stored inside a glass. This cup has a blade and acts as an inkwell, spreader and scraper.


  • Lower Evaporation of Solvents;

  • Faster setup;

  • You need less knowledge to adjust the machine;

  • Greater solvent/ink stability;

  • Less vulnerable to dust and environmental contamination;

  • Fewer number of mechanisms;

  • Industrial applications.

funcionamento tampografia
funcionamento tampografia


Open ink machines have an ink reservoir that is exposed behind the plate. A spreader deposits ink on the plate and a blade scrapes off the ink, leaving only ink in the engraving cavity. Despite being an older system, it still has several advantages over the sealed cup.


  • More alternatives in the process;

  • It is possible to exploit the maximum capacity of the pad printing process;

  • Minor clichés;

  • Better use of the useful area of ​​the plate;

  • Supports printing in large areas (including multicolor);

  • Possibility of using different sizes of clichés in the same type of machine;

  • Possible to scrape only part of the cliché;

  • Professional applications;

  • Flexibility to switch from single to multi-color;

  • Permanent visual contact with all process variables.

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