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The automation of industrial processes is the optimization of production activities through automated systems, with the aim of increasing productivity, improving working conditions and simplifying operations. Some of the advantages of industrial process automation are:​

  • Decreases production time, as automated machines are fast and accurate;

  • It reduces the error rate, since the equipment has a high degree of repeatability and eliminates the risk of failure;

  • Decreases labor costs, making it possible to reallocate humanized work to the real needs of the company, with nobler and less unhealthy activities, instead of repetitive work;

  • Increases safety on the factory floor and performs dangerous tasks that do not need to be performed by humans;

  • Increases production volume, as it allows for greater production capacity with a faster and more efficient line;

  • It increases the flexibility of the production line, as it allows just-in-time production, adaptable to market demands and technological changes;

    It increases process and product quality, as it ensures more rigorous control of variables, more integrated data management and continuous improvement of the company;


    Increases consistency in the quantity and quality of parts produced;

  • In most cases the return on investment can be obtained in a short period of time;

  • With increased productivity, it is possible to lower the price of products and distance themselves from competitors, or maintain the price and increase profitability.

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